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Top SEO Tips to Rank your website in page 1 of Google

When you develop a website, one of the major objectives should be to have it ranked in page 1 of Google and other major search j engines. This is the only way that you will receive high traffic and enjoy high conversion rates. One thing you must note is that all the other websites in your niche are also competing to be ranked at the top, so you have to apply the right SEO strategies to beat the competition. Below are some tips to help rank your website in page 1 of Google.

Create unique content

Google look for websites with unique and relevant content in its ranking.  You should make sure that you do not steal content from other websites. Your content should be 100 percent unique to be recognized in Google and help rank in page 1. Besides, make sure that your content is of high quality and updated. This is the sure way to make your website an authority in your niche. With unique content you can be sure that your website will be shared online and make it go viral.

Off page SEO optimization

Off page optimization is a top strategy that helps your website rank at the top of Google ranking. Off-page link building techniques contribute greatly to successful SEO. As you post high-quality content, you should also ensure you invite backlinks to your site. Backlinks helps your site get ranked in first page of major search results.

Design an optimized website

A fully optimized website get a better ranking than one that is not. Therefore, you should have a good looking and attractive site that appeal to web visitors. Your website should be highly responsive meaning it can open well in all devices and should also be V3C compliance. Mobile responsiveness is one of the top ranking factor since 2015. An optimized site leads to increased traffic, leading to higher conversions and profits.

Leverage social media

Social media platforms are becoming a key factor Google consider when ranking websites. So, you should make sure that your website is listed in the different social media platform because massive traffic is generated through the social sites. Social media ranking contribute to high rankings and enjoy more traffic on your website.

On page optimization

Most people think that on page SEO is all about having high-quality content, but this is not the same. Note that creating high-quality content is a critical factor in ranking, but you need more than that to retain the top ranking.  You need to apply some other on page optimization such as right keyword use, increased page loading, in linking, breadcrumbs and others.


Bottom line

Google makes use of several calculations and tactics before ranking any website. Therefore, you need to ensure you meet all the raking requirements to make your page be ranked in page 1. Make sure you apply all the SEO strategies that will enhance this ranking. The best way is to work with a professional SEO service to help rank your website and allow it maintain the high ranking.



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